Koryo Crime Podcast


Trailer: Koryo Crime

Welcome to the Koryo Crime podcast, a podcast about crimes and mysteries in the Korean peninsula. I’m your host Kait, and I am excited to finally start creating this podcast which I have thought about for so long. On the show, I will have special co-hosts to discuss some of the cases.

Why the name: Koryo Crime?

The Koryo part of the name comes from the Koryo (Goryeo) dynasty that was founded in 918 CE (AD). I have been interested in Korean history and culture since my high school days and began studying it in University. The “Crime” part of is due to the subject/category of the podcast. I have been a long time true crime listener/watcher of True Crime shows/Youtubers and true crime podcasts.

I hope you enjoy listening and if you have any case suggestions or comments about the podcasts, please feel free to contact me using the contact form or you can e-mail me at koryocrimepodcast@gmail.com. Thank you!