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Episode 3: Unsolved and Mysterious Deaths Episode 1

In this episode, Kait and her guest co-host Ashley discuss three cases.  

Case #1

Case #1 is the unsolved Namyangju Apartment Murder in which an elderly woman was murdered in her own home while her husband was out of the house. There is no CCTV footage and it is still an unsolved case to this day. 

<apartment building>

<an example of a wall pad>











<red line: path of murder>

<gold  line: bathroom slippers blood trail>

Case #2

Case #2 is about the unsolved disappearance of the Busan Newlywed Couple. Both returned home at different times but were caught on CCTV from their elevator going up to their apartment but were never seen leaving their apartment. Friends received suspicious texts from the pair that didn’t sound like themselves and family quickly became worried when they stopped hearing from them. When police visited the apartment, they found their dog, which the wife cherished deeply at home by himself and became concerned. Their phones were found far apart and the couple still have not been found to this day.

<CCTV of wife and husband in elevator>

<text messages sent from wife’s phone>

<Distance between husband’s,  (blue dot)and wife’s(green dot) phones>

*red dot is where their apartment is

*husbands name is an alias in picture.

Case #3

Case #3 is about the death of the Hangang University Medical student, Son Jung-min who was found in the Han River after a night of drinking with his friend in Banpo Park. His friend woke up around 3 AM to find his friend gone and thought he went home, so he left, accidently taking his friends phone with him. He notified his friend’s parents after realizing he hasn’t heard from him and later police found him in the river. It was later confirmed his death was caused by drowning. The mystery in this episode is about what exactly happened that night as Son’s father claims his son was afraid of the water. 

<Banpo Riverside Park>

<Condition of friend’s shoes in convenience store> 

<CCTV footage of Son and friend>


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Episode 2: Jeong Nam-gyu 정남규

In this episode, I discuss the murders of serial killer Jeong Nam-gyu. He killed 14 people between 2004-2006 mostly by stabbing. He was also the murderer of the woman in the Imun-dong case which Yoo Young Chul falsely confessed to. He was found dead in his cell while awaiting his death sentence at Seoul Detention Center.

<murder weapons>
<sketches of suspect>
<Map of crime scene locations>


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Episode 1: Yoo Young Chul 유영철

In this first episode, we explore the crimes of Yoo Young Chul, one of the most horrific serial killers in South Korea. Before his murder spree in September 2003-November 2003, Yoo was no stranger to crime. He had been previously arrested for theft, identity theft and rape.

Yoo began targeting elderly in wealthy areas of Seoul,; breaking into their houses and brutally attacking them with a sledgehammer which he customized himself. He then began luring sex workers to his apartment where he killed them and then dismembered the bodies in order to get them out of his 3rd floor apartment.


<footprints found at crime scenes, murder weapon, CCTV footage and locations of murder scenes>


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